Friday, 25 May 2012

Boys Nautical Blue Stripe Bunting

With the Queen's Jubilee next week, bunting seems to be everywhere. Inspired by this and with some left over blue stripe fabric, I thought I would make some bunting for the baby's room. 

It was really simple to make even with my novice sewing skills.
 Using a triangular template, for each piece of bunting, I cut out 2 pieces of fabric.

Placing the two pieces together inside out, I pinned the triangles together and sewed up the 2 sides. ( no need to do the top)

Repeat until you have enough flags for the bunting. I made 11 flags for 2.5 meters of bunting.

I then turned the triangle right side out. And sewed them onto 2.5 metre strip of cotton white fabric.

I love it, it's just so bright and cheery.  I think I'll bring it out for his birthday party next month as well.

And here is the bunting with the matching baby chair.
At some point I will get round to painting some pictures for his walls!

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