Sunday, 5 February 2012

Baby Hand and Foot Prints in Plaster

This is my baby's hand and foot prints at 20 weeks old.
Having done an art degree and mainly working in plaster in my final year, I decided to cut a few costs and do it myself.
I started using clay to make the impression but discovered it was too hard for my baby's hand/foot, so made up some salt dough and this proved to be perfect.
For salt dough:
9oz Flour
4.5oz Salt
Water to make soft dough

1. Roll out dough. ( I did it on a chopping board so I could get a better position for the baby and move it around him)
2. Make impression - this can be tricky with such a young baby and may take a few attempts.
3. I am not cooking the salt dough and using it soft.
4. Make a frame to position around the impression, you could use excess salt dough to build a wall for a rough edge, or I also used an old take away container with the bottom cut out. - Make sure there are no gaps in the frame.
5. Make the plaster according to the instructions on the packet.
6. Pour in the plaster 1 - 2 cm deep and tap frame to lift any air bubbles.
7. Leave plaster to set.
8. Once set remove frame and peel away salt dough.
9. With a damp cloth, very gently wipe off any excess salt dough.

To finish I painted it with PVA glue or you could vanish it to make it more durable.
And finally I used a box frame to hold the items.

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