Thursday, 26 January 2012

Bird Cakes

A tasty treat for the birdies and really simple to make.

To make 4 bird cakes all you need is one 250g pack of lard, bird seed, 1 apple, some bread crumbs, plastic cup/yoghurt pot and some string.

1.Prepare the plastic cup by piercing a hole in the bottom of the cup and threading through the string.
2.Cut the lard into small pieces and melt over a low heat, it does not need to boil.
3.Remove from heat and pour in the bird seed, apple,and bread crumbs mixing well.
4.Pour the the mixture into the plastic cup ensuring the string stays central.
5.Leave to cool and place in the fridge for a faster result.
6.Cut away the the plastic cup.
7.Find the perfect postion in the garden and let the birds enjoy!

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